“!mindparade dropped the psyched-out sound collage single “The Coming Home”, that brings together all the various fragments and metaphysical tissues in a newly aligned homecoming order. Taken off the Tree Machine Records album Dead Mystics, an entire new state of mystic consciousness is born that exists in the extended spaces and realms than the already established constructs of consciousness.” - IMPOSE

“Dead Mystics [LP] is worth listening to, and then starting over and listening to again. I doubt that I could digest all the elements buried in this masterfully produced album on one or two attempts, and after far more than that, I still keep hearing new and cool things that make me smile. Strap on some ear goggles and you will, too.” - MUSICAL FAMILY TREE

“In a town full of talent and renown entertainment venues, it is rare to find a band that has potential to escape the confines of basements. What is even more unique, is finding a band that deserves that kind of exposure. The Bloomington native band, !mindparade, is that rare and talented band that deserves our attention.” - WIUX

“Dead Mystics is the 2nd LP from Bloomington-based neo-psychedelia group !mindparade, a precise and varied foray into the weird imaginary of frontman and curator Alex’s a synthesis of modern glitch production and classic, anthemic pop-rock tropes that still manages to forge its own path into weird, timeless psychedelic jams.” - NO SMOKING MEDIA

“!mindparade’s debut album Everything is Happening is an ambitious low-fi bedroom symphony marked by flourishing psychedelic arrangements and dreamy tunes that recall everything from Deerhunter to T. Rex to the Elephant 6 Collective. The Bloomington-based 8-piece band, led by singer-songwriter Alex Arnold, follow up on the promise of their first release, (everything ep), and deliver an enjoyable scattershot of songs that provide a terrific introduction to one of Bloomington’s most exciting new bands.” - NUVO

“…specializing in everything from synths to bass, !mindparade has turned Arnold’s sketches into a wonderfully creative psych-rock album, Everything Is Happening… !mindparade reminds me of some favorite finds.“ - OBSCURE SOUND

“After listening to his newest album Dead Mystics (which was released last month) from his aptly named experimental project !mindparade, the feeling that I’ve been given a peek into the thoughts of a mad genius cannot be denied. No re-hash here.” - PSYCHOSPARKLE

“This band is ambitious beyond belief, and deliver some pretty spectacular material as a result. If I had to add to the list of descriptions, I would just say that my brain hurts.” - EXPLODING HEAD SYNDROME

“Today, gentlemen, we take care of !mindparade, a group full of people in Bloomington, Indiana, and their latest release (six months ago), which I personally find quite ingenious. Everything is Happening is one of the few albums that manages to make neoprog enjoyable, and to some extent also exciting….there is practically everything.” - BJORKO DIO